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A Small Duckweed Production Unit

A Small Duckweed Production Unit

Aquaponics is usually associated with the production of fish and vegetables (and sometimes other plants).

Consider an Aquaponics system for those people who just want to focus on growing fish while, at the same time, producing duckweed to feed their fish and other small livestock.

It comprises a fish tank and duckweed tanks or ponds. Duckweed is said to have a preference for ionised ammonia (over nitrates) so this system is theoretically able to remove the ammonia without the need for nitrification…..or bio-filters.

To keep the ammonia in its ionised (and less toxic) form, this system runs at pH 6.4 and below.

It would require some experimentation to arrive at the area of duckweed that would be required to remove the nitrogen output from a kilogram of fish (assuming optimum feeding rates and sub-optimum duckweed growing conditions) but it could be done.

Is it Aquaponics?  Absolutely!