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We’re on the homeward leg now.


Research suggests that web users prefer to get their information in the form of video rather than reading text.  While I’ve made several videos (and will likely make more), I’m particularly interested in screencasting as a way of leveraging my time.  Screencasting is a podcast with visual aids.  I’ve trialled two screencasing packages – ScreenFlow and Articulate Replay.  This project was about learning the software and producing my first screencast.

Microponics Website Overhaul

My Microponics blog has been neglected for the past couple of years so I decided to broaden its focus and give it a facelift.  As often happens, this project turned into something much bigger.  In fact, I’m transitioning the Microponics site to  a bigger broader undertaking that is due for release soon.

Keeping Chickens the Microponics Way

The Redlands Organic Group requested that I do a presentation on how I integrate chickens into my waste transformation farming (Microponics) model.  As often happens in my world, what started out to be a simple presentation has become something much bigger.  The presentation has been postponed for three months so you can expect to the see the work then.

My New Activist Blog

The older I get, the more things I encounter that piss me off.  The older I get, the lower my capacity to sustain bullshit. The older I get, the more I hate the injustice that is an apparent fact of life.

There are really only three ways you can deal with such things.  You can lie down and cop it sweet.  You can develop a sense of detachment and rush off to your secret place whenever you feel your blood pressure start to rise.  Or you can say what’s really on your mind.

Regrettably, the places where you can say what you want without interference are becoming increasingly rare.  The fact is that, if you are going to say what’s really on your mind, you have to own the gig.

To that end, I’ve started a new blog – a place for me to have my two cents’ worth on various issues.  I propose to operate the new blog in conjunction with the upgraded Microponics site.  Watch this space!

microCosms – a Modular Approach to Micro-farming

Microcosms are small spaces – and my microCosms project will demonstrate how a microfarm can be built one 8’ x 4’ module at a time.  This project is about the layout of the proposed microfarm and how it will work.  The construction of the new project is already well-underway.

That’s it, Folks!

Well, that’s it for the “30 projects in 30 weeks” program.  

While I only managed to get through 25 projects, it’s impact on my circumstances has been much greater than the sum of its 25 parts.  Some of the most important outcomes were the things that I learned about myself – and how I work – and that augurs well for a number of projects that were conceived during the ’30 Projects’ phase.  Some of these are already well into the execution stage.

All things considered, I’m happy with the end result….and I’m looking forward to the coming months with a real sense of anticipation.