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In March 2016, I realised that I was 30 weeks away from my 65th birthday – so I decided that I’d undertake what was to become known as “30 Projects in 30 Weeks.”

Each of the projects sought to underpin my food and financial security.

The timing acknowledged that I was approaching the legal retirement age and, while I still planned to work in my professional role past my birthday, I had decided to transition into my next career.

In a fortuitous stroke of fate, my employer decided to declare my position redundant in May 2016…so, redundancy settlement in hand, I made an early start on my my new life.

Fast forward 30 weeks and my 65th birthday has come and gone…and the ’30 Projects’ program has ended.

As it turned out, I ended up completing 25 projects.  While ’30 Projects in 30 Weeks’ has a nicer ring to it than ’25 Projects in 30 Weeks’ I’m still pretty happy with the overall result.

In my next post, I reveal the first ten projects outcomes.