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I’ve just cut the ribbon on my latest web project….Have More For Less…a discussion forum for those who aspire to a simpler but happier life.

Some weeks ago, I decided to rationalise my various websites but, when I looked at my interests, contrary to indicating less websites, it revealed a need for more.  

When I considered those interests – waste transformation farming/Microponics (indeed everything ‘micro’) – designing and making things -micro-business – minimalism – writing – helping others…a pattern began to emerge and Have More For Less is the result

Some of what’s on the new site will be familiar to those who follow this site since growing food is a central part of that have more for less ethos.  Other cornerstones of the have more for less philosophy include:

  • providing cost-effective shelter,
  • DIY – designing, making and mending,
  • providing cost effective transport and producing your own power,
  • acquiring/keeping money and other means of exchange.

So, if you’re….

  • Getting older and find that, as life should be getting easier, it’s actually becoming much harder.
  • A parent of young children who is locked in a day-to-day struggle to make ends meet.
  • Concerned about the looming gap between the world’s population and its capacity to feed itself in the face of pollution, aquifer depletion, desertification, erosion, climate change and the other serious environmental threats confronting us.
  • A young adult wondering how you will ever achieve the ‘the great Australian (or other country’s) Dream’ of home ownership.
  • On a treadmill, working for people who don’t respect you or your abilities.
  • Marginalised, disadvantaged or disenfranchised…..or lacking any sense of control over your own life and its circumstances.
  • Convinced that the world is facing an imminent survival threat.
  • Tired of the growing hoard of bastards who are roaming through your pockets with a sense of entitlement.
  • Just someone who is seeking a more fulfilling life.

…then you will benefit from the ideas that we discuss and share at the Have More For Less forum.

Anyway, you’re invited to take a look…and, you like what you see, you’re welcome to register and join us on the Have More For Less journey.

Gary Donaldson

PS…I still plan to rationalise my websites. Over time, they’ll be integrated into the have more for less project.