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I adopted the term ‘Microponics’ to describe the integration of fish, plants and micro-livestock back in 2008 and I started this blog in May 2009.

Suffice to say, a few things have changed since I made the introductory post.

The Urban Aquaponics Manual (first published in 2007) has undergone three revisions and is long overdue for the fourth one.  For more than two years now, it has been available free to whoever wanted to read it on my book site…and thousands of people have taken advantage of that opportunity.

In 2009, I owned and operated Aquaponics HQ…the second largest aquaponics forum in the world at that time.  I no longer own the forum (indeed it no longer exists in its original form) and that has been a bittersweet thing….bitter for the things that brought that situation about – and sweet for the fact that the many hours that I used to devote to APHQ are now available for other things.

In 2014, I experienced what sociologist Dr Morris Massey described as a significant emotional event – I contracted throat cancer.  While there’s nothing good about that illness, it did have an upside for me.

“A significant emotional event is an experience that is so “mentally arresting” that it becomes a catalyst for you to consider, examine, and possibly change your initial values or value system.”  Dr Morris Massey

Arguably for the first time in my life, I could see what was important to me – with a clarity that had previously eluded me.    From the time that my treatment was completed, I no longer spent time thinking about, or doing, anything that fell outside of the “important to me” range.

With around two years of employment still in front of me, I began to train in earnest for my next career.  My employer, sensing that my aspirations lay elsewhere, contributed to my professional aspirations by declaring my position redundant…and their generosity was such that I left with the resources to fund my career change.

All of which brings me back to this site.

Web sites are like having children.  Parenting is an active process.  It’s not enough to just love them and wish the best for them…you have to give them time or the connection between the child and its family can lapse.

It’s like that with web sites.  One of the ways to overcome the problem is to make sure you don’t have too many websites…or children.  That way, you always have time to take care of them.  Fortunately, most of my interests are linked…and that meant that I was able to integrate (my favourite word if you hadn’t noticed) several interests into one site.

So, in the coming weeks, I’ll be transitioning this site to its new name and role – – where we’ll be looking at how to simplify our lives in the relentless pursuit of happiness.

While growing one’s own food is an important part of the “Have More For Less” process, we’ll also be expanding the site to include a variety of other lifestyle strategies…including micro-housing, micro-manufacturing (making and mending things) and micro-enterprise (taking care of the means of exchange).

It promises to be an interesting journey…and I hope you’ll join me as I set out to demonstrate that, by downsizing  various aspects of living, we can assume the level of control over our own circumstances that we all desire…as we journey to a simpler but more satisfying life.