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Aquaponics HQ is a forum owned and operated by Gary Donaldson… of the Online Urban Aquaponics Manual.

While its principal focus is the aquaponics, APHQ reflects the interest of its membership in Microponics……the integration of fish, plants and micro-livestock.

With around 5,000 registered members, APHQ is the second largest forum in the world and is also the only non-aligned discussion site in that it is not owned  by someone who makes and/or markets aquaponics equipment.

The benefit of this is that its philosophical direction is driven by what works best rather than what’s for sale.

Arguably, the most visible example of its commitment to aquaponics that is premised on sound scientific principles and aquaculture best practice – rather than the wishful thinking approach of some of the alternatives.

If you’re interested in joining a well-behaved, non-aligned community, (where taking a divergent view won’t earn you the enmity of the operators), you can register here.