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People who are new to aquaponics often struggle with the matter of system layout so I thought it timely to list the various layouts and describe how they work.

While there are various ways to skin the aquaponics cat, the main layouts include:

  1. Basic Flood and Drain
  2. The microFish Farm
  3. The Sump Tank System
  4. CHOP – Constant Height One Pump

Each of the layouts has its own advantages (and some disadvantages).  Within these basic categories, there are lots of variations on the aquaponics theme and aquaponicists (being the innovative souls that they are) have developed lots of interesting ideas to enhance the performance of their systems.

Since many people who aspire to build their own aquaponics systems have a limited budget, it’s important to be able to build what you can afford first and then enhance it as resources become available.  It’s useful, therefore, to factor prospective change into your design.

I’ll be back in a day or two with my next post….on the Basic Flood and Drain system.