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During the past few posts, I’ve detailed how consideration of component positioning, grow bed management and environmental control enables the Queenslander to:

  • carry more fish – because we can meet their needs for clean water and oxygen.
  • feed them more – because we can optimise their water biology and temperature.
  • grow them faster – because we can feed them more and ensure that they have a longer growing season.
  • support more plants of a greater variety.
  • save energy – because we minimise heat loss and employ passive solar energy and waste heat from our brooders.
  • operate with less risk.
  • save money – because we:
  • use less energy
  • convert feed more efficiently
  • grow duckweed to supplement fish pellets
  • suffer fewer casualties
  • grow the fish quicker

……than a standard recirculating aquaponics system of the same size.

The underpinning principle that drives the Queenslander is integration…..of organisms, production systems and energy sources.