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Hi……I’m Gary Donaldson….and I’m an urban farmer.

My commitment to backyard food production spans over 30 years. I commenced my apprenticeship in urban farming in the mid 1970’s and the craftspeople who contributed to my induction into backyard food production included people like the New Alchemists, John Seymour, Michael Allaby, the members of the Farallones Institute and others.

My partner Jan and I were pioneers of the South Australian game bird industry and we’ve bred and reared chickens, ducks, rabbits, worms, pigs…….you name it. If you’re interested, you can read more of the biographical stuff………here.

In 2007, I published The Urban Aquaponics Manual and in 2008 we launched the second edition of this most up-to-date publication of its type in the World.

I own and operate Aquaponics HQ….a well-moderated discussion forum on aquaponics and other food production-related matters.

This site exists to inform and educate its users about Microponics – the Integration of Fish, Plants and Micro-livestock…….and its ability to put clean, fresh food on the table.

In some circles, I’m regarded as the enfant terrible of aquaponics …..largely because I have the unfortunate habit of challenging the “mythconceptions” that surround backyard food production……and that brings me to the secondary purpose of this site.

Here I get  to conduct robust commentary and debate about various aspects of integrated backyard food production without having to tippy-toe through the ‘feelings’  or vested interests minefields that are a feature of most forums.

With that in mind, I invite you to journey with me.