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Back in May 2009, I prepared a post called Japanese Quail #1 – in which I described these amazing little birds as “the quintessential micro-farmer’s livestock” while making a case for their inclusion in any Microponics system.

Yesterday, we loaded up our new incubator with 100 eggs – and I decided that this was a good opportunity to take you, our members, through the entire process – from setting the eggs to processing the birds at around eight weeks of age.

Along the way, we’ll share lots of little hints and tips – and we’ll show you how we use the meat and eggs that we produce.

But, first, some background information.

Several months ago, we bought 50 day-old quail chicks and reared them.  A few weeks ago, we culled the surplus males leaving us with 23 hens and 9 cockerels.

Our birds are sexually mature and we’re currently averaging around 15 eggs per day.

This hatch is expected on (or around) May 2nd.

Since the incubator is where the action is happening right now, my next post will take a detailed look at this very useful machine – and how it works.

I’d welcome your feedback, and I’m happy to answer your questions, as we go along.