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The hatch is underway.

My partner Jan drew my attention to the fact that “there is somethin’ happening in the incubator” at 6.00am this morning – and she was right.  The first 8 or 10 chicks were staggering about drying off.

Last night, some 334 hours after setting them, I took all of the eggs from the auto-turning mechanism and gently laid them on the mesh floor of the incubator. This is a task that has to be done quickly because we don’t want to chill the eggs at this critical stage.

We reached the 340 hour (15.8 days) incubation period for Japanese quail eggs (as I understand it) at midnight last night.  The Hovabator instructions state, however, that quail take 17 – 18 days to hatch – which would have meant that they were due in the next couple of days.

In recent days, we’ve read several reports about the inaccuracy of the thermometer that is supplied with the Hovabator…..and that may confuse things even further,

Assuming reasonable fertility among my breeders, and the adequacy of their diet, consistent temperature and humidity management are the most important factors in achieving good hatches.

If the incubator has been running cool (at less than 100 degrees F), the hatch would have been delayed.   If it had been running hot, the hatch would have been early.

Anyway, the hatch is happening and there’s nothing we can do now – except to let the hatch run its course.

Once the hatch has finished, we’ll transfer the chicks to a brooder…….and then we’ll conduct a post mortem on the unhatched eggs.

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?