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Almost three months ago, Jan announced her desire to live on a Moreton Bay island – in a house made of shipping containers.

In early November, we made the first of two visits to Macleay Island.  On a subsequent visit about a fortnight later, we discovered what was to become her future home.


Last week, two trucks and a trailer carrying our goods and chattels rumbled off the vehicular barge and I delivered on the first part of my undertaking to Jan – that I would arrange for her to live on an island.

Located just over 50km from Brisbane (the capital city of the state of Queensland), Macleay is the second largest of the four inhabited islands in what is known as the Southern Moreton Bay Islands group.

Our new home comprises a single bedroom cottage on a bit over a quarter of an acre of flat land – very close to the water.  Actually, the houses on the other side of the street have direct water frontages.

The property also features an 8 metre by 6.5 metre (about 26′ X 22′) steel-framed workshop and a large rainwater tank.  While perfectly habitable, it is (in real estate parlance), “the worst house in the best street” – a reflection on its modest size and construction.

Our relocation was both financially and physically onerous and went pretty much as well as might have been expected with an outfit called Peter Rabbit Removals undertaking the task.

One of the issues with the move was that we had barely enough time to unload the trucks before they had to rush off to catch the return barge to the mainland.  That meant that we were left with a one bedroom cottage full of the contents of a three bedroom house.  Get the picture?

We spent the next day moving the surplus out into the shed.

In the days that followed, we’ve managed to stack up all of my micro-farming bits ‘n’ pieces so that the backyard has some semblance of order.  Regrettably, the same cannot be said for the shed – it still looks like an exploded goat.

Re-establishing our information technology presence has proved a challenge and Jan and our IT service provider have enjoyed “several frank exchanges of views” – from which it may take the provider some time to recover.

Notwithstanding the physical and financial pain associated with the move, our decision to relocate was vindicated on the first night.  As we reclined in our chairs we were overwhelmed by the complete absence of noise.

Somewhere, off in the distance, an ant coughed…….and then, just outside of the window, a curlew shrieked.